National Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

Today is National Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Day. In honor of it, I am inviting all of my visitors to this blog to watch the documentary “Very Young Girls.” You can download it from Netflix, and you can see the trailer below.


In America, the average age of a prostitute is between 12 and 14 years old. GEMS is an organization that was started by Rachel Lloyd who was a former child prostitute. I want to say right off that I think Ms Lloyd is a hero. She pulled herself out of prostitution and started this organization in New York to help other victims of sex trafficking. This movie is very hard to watch but it opened my eyes to the reality of child prostitution in our own communities.

Here are some other links:


Council of Daughters:



9 thoughts on “National Human Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

  1. There’s another documentary called Girlhood that illuminates some of the same issues (as well as how our criminal “justice” system fails these girls). Also heartbreaking but worth watching.

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