Happy New Year

2009 got off to a rough start. Jen was having a hard time getting pregnant, and then she got into a terrible car accident. But mostly, we lost our beloved dog Calliope.

But things turned around. We finally got a positive pregnancy test. The last few days we’ve been busy putting away the newly washed baby clothes. The co-sleeper is assembled, and the car seat is installed. We are ready for our little one.

I didn’t get an internship with a prestigious law firm like I had hoped, but I totally LOVED my internship at the DAs office this summer.

The car was totaled in the accident, but I like our new SUV much more.

I am excited for 2010 but there are some things making me anxious. Mostly, I need to get a job. I haven’t even been looking because I’ve been preoccupied with other things. But that is going to change soon.

Also, I am anxious about getting my son into a good school in the BPS system.

Finally, my dad’s estate never resolved from when he died two years ago. There is nothing much to be done about that.

So to quote Caprice Crane who I follow on Twitter: Sometimes you are sad to see a year end. This year, I want to send 2009 a sex tape of me and 2010.

So though I am feeling a little apprehensive about the new year: Is that the best you can do 2009? Bring it 2010!


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