Being a lawyer better be awesome

It’s 2:30 am on Tuesday morning. I am still not done with this semester. I have to close out some case files and finish a paper. This is making me unhappy. I really just want to focus on Christmas and getting ready for the baby. This sucks. Being a lawyer better be awesome.


One thought on “Being a lawyer better be awesome

  1. AMEN to this. Are you uncontrollably resentful of the people who are done? (Does that just reflect my poor character that I am?) Anyway. Being a lawyer better be awesome, or I am going to have to Barney Stinson my way through life…Nobody wants that.

    It is strangely reassuring to shake my fist and threaten the universe that BY GOD this better be worth it. Or else.

    Good luck in the homestretch!! Here’s wishing you cozy, lazy mornings on the couch with hot chocolate and Jen and the little guy.

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