Cookies and Escorts

I still have this wicked cold which is unfortunate considering that I am right smack in the middle of finals. I’ve been in my PJs at four in the afternoon looking with cow eyes towards Dora the Explorer to please relieve me of my parenting responsibilities for just a little, little bit.

One of the reasons why my semester has been so tough is that we have a writing requirement that needs to be certified before you graduate. We may get certified 2L year. But of course, I didn’t. The first draft of my writing assignment was due pretty much at the exact same time that I had to take the MPREs. You may take the MPREs in your second year. But see above.

The topic that I chose was evidentiary issues with criminal defendants who are gay or transgender. You have to give a presentation. I was there in front of my criminal clinic talking to them about anal sex and sperm samples and torn butt holes. BTW – I swear this is a legitimate topic.

I made them cookies and showed them a movie. But I have a Mac and there were some technical difficulties that required the IT department. By the time IT was through there were wires just everywhere.

And I tripped.

Not once, but twice in front of 10 frighteningly young, thin law students chomping on my chocolate chip cookies. I brought down all of the equipment on the way to the floor while I talked to them about the prejudicial effect of bringing in males escorts as witnesses.

They were nice about it.


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