I vaguely remember something about a pit bull with lipstick

Jen is in her 3rd trimester, and she looks adorable. She is pretty uncomfortable but she’s been hanging in like a champ. I carried our first baby. It’s kind of interesting being the “other” party in this pregnancy.

This semester has been insane, and I haven’t gotten to as many meetings. I ran into a woman from the halls. My son and I were hanging out in town. She was there with a guy I didn’t know. I had gone into Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee but I wouldn’t let my son have a donut because I knew he would eat some Halloween candy. This didn’t fly. He was walking up and down the street crying, “I’m so hungry…I’m so hungry.” He was giving a pretty good performance. Luckily, he is built like a linebacker so I don’t think anyone really thought he was starving.


Sarah Palin at 7 months

The lady looks at my son, and then says to me, “I didn’t know you had a kid. He’s adorable.”

I tell that yeah, I do have a kid. I then tell her that we are having another one in January. I don’t think she knows who “we” are.

But she congratulates me. We talk for a little bit more, and then its time to move on.

Walking away, I heard her say to her guy, “Did you hear her? She’s pregnant!”

Yep. I’m looking pretty good. I’m carrying it like Sarah Palin!


4 thoughts on “I vaguely remember something about a pit bull with lipstick

  1. This gave me a huge laugh! A friend who is pregnant gained 17 pounds so far and is a little freaked–you, however, wear it so well!

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