Dishes and Therapy

I have a first draft of a 30 page paper due tomorrow, and I am taking the MPREs on Saturday.

This is my problem.

And I should be focusing all of my mental energy on just getting through the next 72 hours. But I keep having panic attacks. The house is total fucking mess. Jen’s watching Parks and Recreations, and I just want to tell to pick the shit up already. But that would be terribly unjust because she worked all day, and it’s really my mess because I have been so consumed with the paper. And she’s 7 months pregnant.

But its really bothering me. Do you think there is any way I could get away with it? Would you divorce me? I don’t know if I would divorce myself, but I would definitely have a word or two with me.

Also, I have been having a hard time finding a therapist. I don’t want to go into the details but it has been a bit of nightmare. It’s totally a back burner problem. But I am kind of tired, and in the middle of reading endless cases and law review articles, I get this anxious feeling. OMG – I don’t have a therapist! But then I try and remind myself that it is kind of ok because I don’t have time for therapy right now, and if I had the time, I wouldn’t go lie on somebody’s couch – I would do the fucking dishes.

P.S. Virgin criticized my iterant hyphen use, which of course made it all that much appealing. See why I need to be in therapy?


15 thoughts on “Dishes and Therapy

  1. In my grammar heaven, hyphens would be used freely, often and without restriction. There would be no rule for when you can and cannot use a hyphen. Why? because hyphens are so awesome. You can use them when you aren’t sure what the correct comma/colon usage is and when you want to express something that only a hyphen can express!!!

    People- lay off- hyphens rock!

  2. For fuckssake, these are dashes not hyphens. What I want to criticize is things like “Thank-you!” Why do you throw a hyphen in there? All you’re doing is saying thanks in a second-person address. It’s not a compound noun.

    Do yourself a favor, don’t bitch at the wife for the mess tonight. Let it go. Take care of the paper and the MPRE. Don’t worry about the therapist thing for now. Breathe.

    If you can’t breathe, call Virg.

  3. I turned in the draft for a 20-25 pp. paper last week; it was TWELVE PAGES. You gotta figure you’re going to do better than that!

    And I am always confused by the lack of a hyphen in “first-degree murder” (or whatever other first-degree crime). Law is weird.

  4. You might get away with the hyphen if you were referring to a noun, as in “I need to buy more thank-you notes.” But if you just want to thank a person, you just say “Thank you.”

    New Kid, first-degree murder has to be hyphenated because first-degree is a two word compound adjective describing murder. You need the hyphen so that first-degree gets recognized as a single term modifying murder.

    I think everyone should screw their therapists and plunk down the money on a grammar class instead. And I’ll teach it! Over booze, of course.

  5. My head is reeling with all of the thank-you notes I have sent out, saying “Thank-you for spending the time to interview me today.” Maybe this is why I didn’t get a job. On the other, Virg’s grasp of the English language is above and beyond most’s peoples.

  6. I love that this has turned into a hyphen fest. This, googiebaba, is where the trouble starts. Fuck the hyphens. Fuck the dishes. Give yourself (and the wife) a break. The paper will thank you for it. Seriously, just breathe. It will be ok.

  7. I feel your pain. Only it was all summer studying for the bar, my husband was only working two days a week and sitting on his butt the rest of the time while the house was completely disgusting. I wanted to strangle him. So, I packed up my stuff and studied in the basement where I could avoid seeing the disgusting mess. Out of sight, out of mind, and my calm was restored. I’m really not a clean-freak, in fact, I’m a pretty big slob, but during times of high stress, mess makes me even more stressed out.

  8. You sound like you are in dire, dire need of ravioli. Good thing I made some. Let me know what your schedule looks like, and we can set up a hand-off.

  9. Proto – I am exactly the same. I’m not a neat freak, but it is all really bothering me now.

    Adele – Ravioli is exactly what I need. What is your schedule next week? I am at school Mon, Tues and Wed 4:20 to 6:20. Also, I am taking the MPREs tomorrow on campus. Thank you. (he!) You are a culinary angel.

  10. Hyphens are sexy. Virg taught me well. Everyone go buy a copy of “Woe is I.”

    I can see Virgin rolling on the floor and laughing as she reads this. She mentioned that book to me one day and I went out and bought it. It tickles her pink to know that.

    There is no excuse for poor grammar, kiddies!

    Oh, and Googie: You’ll be okay. Just breathe. If you clean up now, it would only be an excuse to not focus on what you really need to get done. Focus on what’s important. The rest will come together.

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