A Disney Pictorial (of sorts)

Sometimes I give my son my Iphone. He likes to take pictures, and I always find it interesting to see what he sees. We spent a week in Disneyworld. Here is the Happiest Place on Earth as seen from a stroller.





5 thoughts on “A Disney Pictorial (of sorts)

  1. Virg, I have mentally prepared myself for that reality and I think I can handle it. I will love him no matter what.

    …and there must be some support groups around for this sort of thing.

  2. aww, that’s actually a great idea. I love it. I remember being 5 and wondering how the world looks from 6 foot 2 inches above the ground — through my dad’s eyes.

  3. I like the view!

    Just hope you didn’t take him on that ride where through the whole thing there’s a chorus of infuriatingly delighted sounding children singing “It’s a Small World After All.”

    It was a long time ago, maybe they took it out by now. But I was traumatized after my dad took me there – I had the tune stuck in my head for like my entire freshman year of college…

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