Stop. You have been spotted by a Wild Child

After having yet another case disposed because yet another participant didn’t show, I got a text from my daycare.

Lice at Daycare

I freaked, and nearly tripped over myself running to pull my kid out. I have a bit of a bone to pick with my daycare provider. The woman who runs it is actually a good friend of mine. Turns out that this has been going on for days. Why she decided to inform me mid-morning on Wednesday, instead of before I dropped him off, I don’t know.

Anyway, I spent the day washing linens, and shampooing my kid’s hair. I am totally exhausted. But that is not the purpose of this post.

No. I want you all to see this. This is a bumper sticker that came with the head lice shampoo.

Wild Child

Now, if you recognize this logo, it’s because you have either had head lice or you work in a pharmacy. And apparently, this company thinks that we who have battled head lice wish to connect with one another. Perhaps they think we want to form a community of parasite killers.

You know QuitNits, I would do it. I would put this bumper sticker on my car so everyone can see that we have had bugs crawling around on our scalp. But Jen is tough about these things. I am not even allowed a rainbow flag or an Obama Hope sticker. I think we are shit out of luck.


6 thoughts on “Stop. You have been spotted by a Wild Child

  1. I’m so sorry about the lice thing, but that bumper sticker and the entire concept behind it is pretty funny. There are some problems that just aren’t spinnable.

  2. Lice *shudder*

    I’ll put it on my car if you put it on yours! (Though, admittedly, I have so many bumper stickers on my car that you probably wouldn’t notice it among all the other clutter.)

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