Grab the popcorn, this should be a freak show.

When I first was hired for this internship, they told me I would have my own caseload. I thought they meant that as a figure of speech. I didn’t really think they meant that I would have cases…to go to trial with.

But I actually do have cases that I have to prepare for. But now I know why they aren’t terrible concerned. It’s because no matter how much I prepare, how much I practice my closing argument, how much I look up  the case law, it doesn’t matter. Because mostly, the defendants don’t show up. I have had two cases where the defendant defaulted.

The case I prepared for today was for an Operating a Motor Vehicle after your License is Suspended. You should have heard my brilliant Opening Statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Commonwealth, in order to meet its burden, must prove that the defendant was operating a motor vehicle after his licensed had been suspended. Well…the defendant’s license was suspended, and then he drove.

But I have another case on for Tuesday. It’s kind of interesting because it’s a road rage case. On the file, someone wrote, “Defendant wants a trial.”

The names of the defense attorneys are written on the jacket. I took a look to see who I was going up against.

The name read, “Prose.” I was like, “Gee, I don’t remember meeting a Prose.”

And then I took a closer look. Oh hell no. The defense wasn’t Prose…its

Pro Se.

I pointed this out to another intern. He smiled and said, “That one is definitely going to trial.”

Lord help me.


5 thoughts on “Grab the popcorn, this should be a freak show.

  1. Actually to prove the crime you need to show that the defendant was on notice that his license was suspended.

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