Didn’t she receive the Stigmata?

When Jen and I first got together, I was unemployed and Jen was a student. We used to go out every night.  We would dance and kiss into the early hours. Our life is a little different now. We have a 3 year old, and if we make it to the dessert course at the Outback, we are pretty thrilled.

But I still find Jen entertaining. She is reading a book that takes place at Smith. I thought this book might be trouble because we both had bad experiences with Smithies. Her girl was straight and mine was a drug addict. At any rate, she made me throw out my Smith College sweatshirt at one point.

Anyway, one of the characters in this book is writing a paper on Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Jen: Who is Edna St. Vincent Millay?

Me: A poet.

Jen: And a saint?

Me: Laughing hysterically

Jen: Didn’t she write one of the AA prayers….

Me: I don’t think so.

Jen: I am going to look her up. Taking a book of poems from the shelf. Do you think I should look under Millay or Saint?

Answer: Millay

And that is Friday night at our house (with some kisses here and there)


18 thoughts on “Didn’t she receive the Stigmata?

  1. Do you know what else is family friendly, though I never would have guessed? Legal Seafoods. They are great with kids. Little tip for families passing through Boston.

  2. Do you think Millay was a nascent tranny like Katherine Hepburn? I don’t know enough about it, but all those years of wanting to be called Vincent remind me of Hepburn insisting she was Jimmy.

  3. Virgin – never in my life have I thought this much about Edna St Vincent Millay. But I did a super quick google search on her. This is what I found. She was “infamously” bisexual. Also, she used to write under the pen name Nancy Boyd. In the gay slang of the time, Nancy Boy, was a term for effeminate men. So, maybe you are onto something. Here is my cite:


    Will – I do love a girl with a boy’s haircut. I do.

  4. No. It was my name attempt at wit. See how I fail? Virgin must be so devastated. She’s probably ashamed to call herself my former English teacher. Oy vey.

    But androgynous girls are hot.

  5. Oh, I didn’t mean to devastate you. I was just intrigued that you thought it was ballsy. I mean, it kind of is. I would never do it.

    Yes, androgynous girls are hot.

  6. Virg – well, you were way ahead of me. I didn’t know she was bisexual. I didn’t even know she had a pen name. And I have never heard “Nancy Boy.” All the gay boys I know call each other Mary.

  7. sadly, i think i’m living through my own bad smithie experience now. what’s with that school and inappropriate girls? but i i love that there was a book of poems conveniently on the shelf for reference.

  8. Jenn – stay away from Smithie girls! And I feel the need for full disclosure. The book wasn’t on the shelf. It was actually on the floor by the bed. But it was there.

  9. Ex-husband was a cook at Legal Seafoods when we lived in DC. They really are as fresh as they advertise and are very hardcore about maintaining their standards. Great company and, I agree, great for kids.

  10. *snort*

    When I was in high school, I was the recipient of the Smith College book award. Oddly, the person who was supposed to give out the award didn’t show up so I never received the book. The principal just stood up there and said “trannyhead is the recipient of the Smith college book award. Please stand up.” Everybody clapped, and then I sat down. THREE YEARS LATER, I received a copy of some sort of weird self-help book in the mail. I never think of Smith without remembering my wondrous award.

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