The Ink

I’ve been struggling emotionally. Instead of boring you with the minutia of my daily battle with depression and anxiety, I’ve decided to show you the ink.

Behold, what is currently tattooed on my left hip. I know the picture not very good. Also, the tattoo is about 15 years old now. My body has been through a lot since getting it.


Below, is the tattoo I am thinking of getting. In August, I will be 13 years sober. I drank for 14 years. That means I am approaching a time when I will have been sober for almost as long as I drank.


This is the goddess Etian. She is a Celtic moon goddess. Another goddess was jealous of her and turned her into a fly. She fell into a glass of wine and drowned. But she is a bit of a Persephone, because she was reborn and spends half her time underground and half on earth.

The thing that I really like about Etian is that I discovered her somewhat magically. I used to belly dance. One night my instructor had the class do a final project. She took out a stack of “goddess cards” and we had to choose one and then create a dance around her. I pulled Etian out of the stack. And she is totally perfect for me because my life was reborn after nearly dying of alcohol. So you see, she is my goddess.

At any rate, I am thinking about having her tattooed on my back for my 13th anniversary. What do you guys think?

(And yes, I did steal the card. If I am too well behaved, I freak myself out)


10 thoughts on “The Ink

  1. If ever there was a reason for anyone to get a tattoo, this is it. You’re amazing for having the will power stay sober so long. You should be very proud of yourself.


  2. You’ve clearly stated what it represents and why you want it. I say do it.

    (If I weren’t so unwilling to deal with another conniption on my mother’s part, I’d join you at the tattoo parlor.)

  3. Lady, please. So you kicked the Cuervo 13 years ago. Do you know how hard it is for me to drink every day? It takes a special kind of commitment, a kind that you’re evidently lacking.

    Also, tattoos are lame. Get a goddamn boob job already and quit your whining.

  4. Not for nothing Virgin, but I do know that kind of commitment. And look what happened to me. Just saying…

    And perversely, the fact that you hate the tattoo makes me want one all the more. Apparently, you are a sort of mother figure to me.

  5. I think she would match theme-wise your other tattoo. And congratulations on so many years sober.

    I’m not the person to ask about tattoos, though. I’m biased against them because my husband has one that he got when he was 18 and he regrets it. I’m just glad it’s not a fugly tattoo, but it is quite large!

  6. There is a saying in the tattoo world about the ‘magic’ of a tattoo. It has a unique way of finding you and a way of changing you after you get it. I think you’re on the road to a very powerful and magical experience.

    Post the results once you get it. I’d love to see it.


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