I felt like crying (which is frowned upon in court)

On the upside, I got to stand up in court for the first time ever. We have suspiciously good looking prosecutors here in lesbian town. One of the other interns said, “That ADA looks like Lauren Conrad.” And my god, she does look like Lauren Conrad. So from now on, I will just call her LC.

Anyway LC was in first session with us, and she let us do an arraignment. I actually got to say, “You Honor, Googie Baba for the Commonwealth.” I dressed all in black and felt pretty cool. And then I let the guy go on personal recognizance because I couldn’t think of a good reason not too.

But things went downhill from there. We picked out desks, and I wasn’t aggressive enough. The desk I got stuck with was literally buried under crap. I don’t know if it is important crap, or just left over crap so I am scared to throw it out.

Also, I have pre-trials tomorrow. One of them is kind of serious so I harassed my supervisor all day to go over the case with me. At 4:30, he finally had me come into his office. He read the police report. In it, the guy who bought drugs told the police that the defendant had sold the drugs to him. It says that he was given his Miranda rights. I think I was so distracted by the Miranda issue, that I totally didn’t see the obvious.

My supervisor kept asking me what was the problem with this case. He went fishing, “What is the problem with the statement?” I liked that I was being challenged, but 5 months of Evidence had somehow gone missing in my head.

Hearsay. Fucking Hearsay. Of course. The most obvious case of hearsay ever. I am actually kind of upset. I loved Evidence. What the hell is wrong with me? My supervisor actually went to the trouble to explain what hearsay is. He must of thought I just hadn’t been introduced to it yet. He is probably wondering what goes on in the Top 20 school I attend.


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