Representing the Commonwealth – Googie Baba!

I made it through my first week working in the DAs office. It’s kind of a freak show. Because of budget cuts, they don’t have enough prosecutors. Plus, one girl has been out sick and our supervisor is out on paternity leave. They threw me and this other guy into the arraignment session. We just kind of looked official while the court did the restraining orders. I was terrified that we were going to have to say something. I would just dismissed every case. Free day for everyone!

I am scheduled to stand up in court for the first time ever on Tuesday. They promise that the supervisor will be back to help me. It’s for a drug dealing case that happened at my very T stop. It should be exciting.


3 thoughts on “Representing the Commonwealth – Googie Baba!

  1. You have so gone to the dark side. There’s a serial killer loose in Ventura and I’m still trying to uphold habeas petitions for local convicted murderers.

  2. Honestly Virgin, I think working in Crim Law could make you a very bad person. A stabbing case came in – and I got excited because it could be a good trial. It took me a minute to remember that someone got stabbed and that probably sucked.

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