Working on Mommy’s last frayed nerve

We’ve been trying to toilet train our son for a while. We tried a gentle approach of positive encouragement, but he simply wasn’t interested. Friends of ours told us that they just took the diapers away one day. Jen thought this was a good idea. I had my doubts, but she convinced me to do it.

Jen’s working at the hospital all weekend. It’s been my worse nightmare. He is simply peeing everywhere. This morning I knew he had to go. I think he was in pain. He was running around crying. I tried to put him on his potty, but he threw a tantrum. Then peed all over the wall. We ventured out to a park, but he peed all over the equipment.

He gets the concept, he is just angry about it. I am fondly remembering the harsh parenting techniques of my childhood.

I am pretty resentful. Plus, I am dieting and I am hungry. I am almost looking forward to going to work for the first time tomorrow. Arraignments have to be more fun than this.


10 thoughts on “Working on Mommy’s last frayed nerve

  1. I’m terrified of potty training. We’re not even close. I don’t get it – my mom is like “you gotta potty train him before the new baby comes.” But my kid isn’t even 2, yet. Did people really used to start that early with kids? I don’t get it.

  2. My brother went through a phase where he absolutely refused to poop in the toilet. Instead, he’d sneak to the back yard, the dining room, the daycare’s front lawn, drop trou, and drop a load.

    What I’m trying to say is: you are not alone. And you will be able to hold this over his head to secure good behavior in high school: “Be home by 11, or I will tell your date about the Playground Piddle Party of 2009.”

  3. Actually, as a former prosecutor, what you described sounded like arraignments. Good times. (jail arraignments, the out of custody ones go more civilized).

  4. I second the M&M strategy. I have seen this work well twice already, so that’s our plan for Gabriel. We are going to put a huge amount of M&M’s into a big see-through jar on the sink counter so he can see it. The rule that I heard, though, was that anyone who used the potty got an M& M. So kiddo gets to see the adults getting the candy when *they* go potty. Hmmm… I’m going to have to buy dark chocolate M&M’s.

  5. i set the oven timer to go off every 20 min and dutifully took harper every freekin 20 min for many housebound days. we got there eventually, both with serious cabin fever and a residual case of pavlov’s dogs.

  6. If you aren’t into M&Ms, you could try temporary tatoos as a reward. I have a girlfriend who did that with her kid and it worked for the two of them. She’s let him pick out one to wear and one to put on her (except on her face) everytime he had a successful potty run. It took a lot of tatoos, but he got it in no time.

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