Babies on ice

Today, I got to meet a family that used the same sperm donor as us for one of their children. We had a really nice day. We went out to lunch and then over to the Science Museum.

At one point, we were talking about Jen’s pregnancy. I said I didn’t think we would have any more. She gave me a look that let me know that we were definitely having more children. Imagine my surprise.

Maybe it’s for the best. We do have a lot of stuff on ice. I have nine frozen eggs, Jen has 3 frozen embryos and we have 5 vials of the hottest sperm at the bank. It’s all very high tech. We have grainy pictures of everything. This is because for some reason, the sperm banks think we want pictures of our genetic material.

When I was 25 I was friends with a lesbian in her thirties who had a kid on her own. She had a hard time getting pregnant in her thirties and she was always on my case to start young. She ended up getting pregnant and had more vials of sperm than she needed. She told me I could have them. She said they were refrigerated.

I swear to you, I thought she meant I could open up her refrigerator and take them home.


4 thoughts on “Babies on ice

  1. I’m glad the day went well! (Saw your worrying about lunch on Twitter.)

    I’m amused by the misunderstanding, but people do keep odd things in their fridges…

  2. Wow. You hoard reproductive junk the way I hoard booze. It’s really quite remarkable.

    But seriously, I’m glad the meet and greet went so well.

  3. ha ha, it’s nice that people are willing to share their eggs with you…even if that might sound a little bit weird 🙂

    You went to Northwestern?! I went to Loyola (for undergrad)!!! I love Chicago so much, I really want to move back there someday. Northwestern has such a beautiful campus, I’m jealous. Evanston is like my favorite place ever!

  4. Let her give birth and then see how she feels. 😉 LOL. Wow, you ladies are certainly well-stocked for future reproduction. I was harassing Mr. V this morning about how hard it is to change your life at 40 and introduce children. I think he’s a little sick of me telling him that. Just want to make sure he understands that it is a big change.

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