An apology and an update

I’m sorry I have been M.I.A. from this blog. This always happens at the end of the semester. I am just so happy to have free time that I end up turning on the television, and I forget to eat, sleep or blog.

But the most important news I have is that Jen had her ultra sound. Thankfully, there is only one baby in there. It looks like a good one. At 6 weeks, its little heart is already beating. Jen has another ultrasound at 8 weeks. If everything looks good then she will graduate to the obstetrician.

I signed up for my classes for next year. My course list looks like the murder mystery section of a bookstore. I am taking homicide, law and sexual minorities and the criminal clinic. It should be an entertaining year.

Also, I ate nothing but tic tacs my last two weeks of finals and I lost ten pounds. Since that time, there is this cute (male) dog walker who keeps trying to pick me up. Is this what goes on, America, while the men folk are at work? You spend your days flirting with the help? No wonder my mother liked being a housewife so much.


5 thoughts on “An apology and an update

  1. LOL- when my husband is at work, I sometimes go out in public wearing make up and heels to see if I can turn a head or two. Its usually Jacob that does all the head turning though. So happy the ultrasound brought more good news 🙂

  2. He wants you to be his bitch. I don’t know about you – I’d be flattered. 😉

    Congrats on the baby progress! Oh, and maybe I’ll eat nothing but tic tacs from now on.

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