Judgment for Googie Baba

jmlogoJen is out with the boy, and I am supposed to be studying Crim Pro (ha!). I went to check the mail, and saw an intriguing letter in Jen’s name. I ripped it right open (which is an honest to god federal crime btw, so don’t you do this). But it was from Judge Mathis! Actually, it was from the producer’s of the show. They want Jen to call them about having the Street Judge hear her case against the girl who hit her in the car accident.

Luckily, the other girl has already called and said she will bring by a check, so there is no need. But how tempted am I?


4 thoughts on “Judgment for Googie Baba

  1. Do it, do it, do it! I will fly to Boston and not leave until you call the Judge Mathis people and accept this offer. I mean, who doesn’t want their small claims court dispute settled on TV? Seriously?!

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