Update using Bullet Points (because these things are totally unrelated)

I wanted to tie this together thematically, but it is impossible. So here are random and unrelated things:

  • We had the Fresh Embryo Transfer. They transferred two embryos and we ended up with 3 to freeze. We went out the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.  A family walked in with 3 huge hulking sons. Jen turned to me and said she had of vision of that being us. I’m game!
  • We are going to Disneyworld! Booked the trip. No boob job. We aren’t made of money around here.
  • I am right smack dap in the middle of finals, and shouldn’t even be writing this. I already had Trust and Estates. You know, I could have studied more for that test.
  • Earlier on this blog, I had complained about the Criminal Clinic. Everything changed once I had people to represent. I really loved it. And I even started to get along with the anorexics in class. It was fun being in Court. I also liked meeting the kids (I was mostly in Juvenile). I don’t know that they were so happy to meet me. Next time, leave the knife at home, and then you will never have to see me again.
  • And the girl who hit Jen in the accident called us. She doesn’t want to go to Court. She just wants to bring the money by. So that is a big relief.

That is what is up over here. Toodles, until after finals (probably). 


4 thoughts on “Update using Bullet Points (because these things are totally unrelated)

  1. yay for Disney World! and yay for no boob job, you can totally tell the fake ones from the real ones anyway- right? Way to be au naturale! good luck with finals!

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