Why yes, it is hard to be surrounded by 20 year olds

I am the current Secretary of my GLBT law group. I was looking forward to retiring but I got snookered into running again (no one else would do it).

When I went to the Elections, there were three gay boys running for President.

The first one gets up, and in a self-depreciating manner, states that he realizes he is “old” but we should all vote for him. I think he was all of 25.

The gay girl I was sitting next too was also a non traditional student. She scoffs. And we threw things at him.

The next pretty boy gets up there, an au contraire, he is sure he is the oldest one in the room. He was all of 27. The gay girl and I start laughing, loudly.

I ended up voting for those two because they were better looking then the one kid who hadn’t made the age jokes.

After the election, the gay girl next to me, turns and says, “You are older than me, aren’t you? You are in your thirties?”

I said, “Look here kid, I’m 39.”

She looked absolutely – appalled. “I had no idea…” she choked.

I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or offended. There were so emotions I was experiencing.

I don’t know if it is good genes, or if my overall immaturity that throws people off.

I was engaged in some age appropriate activities this weekend. I was at a party where we were discussing the local school zones. The parents were really active and did things like attend committee meetings and form focus groups. They knew their state reps, and even called the Mayor’s Educational liaison.

I was impressed, but my mind kept wandering to Aston Kutcher. Do you really think he could beat CNN?


BTW – I have been a little depressed, and I told Jen she needed to help snap me out of it. We can either go to Disneyworld after my internship is over or I can get a boob job. Her choice. 


8 thoughts on “Why yes, it is hard to be surrounded by 20 year olds

  1. I get this too. It’s actually kind of confusing – it’s like, should I be trying to look younger so I fit in, or older so people know where I’m coming from?

    I vote Disneyworld, but that’s because general anesthetic sucks.

  2. Dude, judging by our Twitter fights, I’d say it’s your immaturity. But, then again, that’s why we love you. Oh, and about the choice between Disney World and a boob job: do you really need to ask? I mean, just having the boob job as an option means you need to get it and move out to LA were you, Virgin, and I can chase after Lilo in between taco breaks and egging Gottlieb’s station wagon.

  3. My goodness. Our LGBT group has been run by Lesbians for the past few years. They are usually an older/more mature crowd than the twinks…

    …and just don’t go too big! I used to work with a 5’2 girl with fake D’s… awful.

  4. Hmm. I think there’s an interesting tension between the students who came straight through from college, and those who were actually out in the real world before law school.

    What I find funny are the people who, upon hearing that I’m of the former group, look and me and say “Huh. But you seem so… mature.” I try to take it as compliment.

  5. I went to university ‘late in life’ (actually it just took me a long time, so it ended up being quite late…) and I look young for my age, too (we are the same age). I liked that I was able to ‘fit in’ and it sounds like you are, too. But I really appreciated the looks on their faces when tell them how old you are. Take it as a compliment!!
    I don’t know a thing about your boobs and I’m not the biggest fan of Disney, so I can’t vote!

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