For the Record, I’m team Lohan

I am tired and stressed, and my thoughts are getting confused. But in between following the Ronson/Lohan break up on Twitter, I am trying to outline Criminal Procedure.

I’ll get back to Lindsay, but I have to give you a little bit of law here. Since, the law involves lawyers, nothing really makes sense. So a police search, is not a “search” just because they have searched you. There are requirements to make it a search and have your Fourth Amendment right implicated. One of the requirements is an objective prong: your expectation of privacy has to be reasonable. But the court applies this in an empirical, not normative, way. In other words, if you know people trespass on your property, you don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy when the police come a knockin.

Which brings me back to Ms Lohan. I was watching a video of her coming home after she was out all night because that girl dumped her. It was 5 am and the reporters were on her front lawn. And I was wondering, if this is the way people act around her…does she have any claim against police setting up camp on her lawn and waiting for something criminal to happen? Does any celebrity?

Or how about the rest of us?

At any rate, I think she starts to cry in the video, and I felt sorry for her. Not to say, I wasn’t completely disappointed that the egg throwing wasn’t caught on camera.



7 thoughts on “For the Record, I’m team Lohan

  1. i dont know how i feel about celebrities. they get paid so much and their goal is to be famous. considering those two factors, I don’t think they should complain about lack of privacy- they are compensated enough for their lack of privacy. and what is with lohan’s mom taking her daughters to clubs all the time- ugh!

  2. Celebrities do expect a certain loss of privacy and of course they make a hell of a lot of money for it. But the gossip hounds are nuts. I think it’s a problem of line drawing, and we haven’t gotten it right yet. We let the press stalk people, trespass far more often than they’re fingered for, and engage in chasing tactics that are insanely dangerous. And if you live in certain places, the paparazzi clusterfucks infringe upon the rest of the public’s privacy too; I’m not saying I expect total privacy in a restaurant or shopping mall, but I do find it obnoxious when they’ve staked out the booth next to mine or have cameras peering out from dressing room stalls. And the interest in famous people’s kids these days is really awful. I wouldn’t want to have to pick up my toddler from a preschool that’s surrounded with cameras and idiots just because little Kingston Stefani Rossdale is a pupil.

  3. You guys have kind of shocked me by actually talking about the legal issues. I was really just looking for an excuse to talk about this stupid story since I can’t get Jen even remotely interested.

  4. Sorry, it’s that time of the semester. I have been following the whole break up….the Chateau Marmont debacle, the new red locks, the three edamame she apparently ate while mommy Lohan was watching attentively. I’m just hoping she can wait until I get back on the homefront before she goes full out Britney. Let’s face it, we all want to watch.

  5. Poor Lindsay. She’s like Janice/Britney: “When she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she’s on crack.” Anyway, aren’t you jealous you don’t live in LA, Googs? I mean, I once got to chill with Mary Carey at Starbucks. You don’t get that kind of classy company anywhere else.

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