Unilateral Wifely Submission

I have never confessed this secret to anyone, ever. I don’t know why I am doing it now. Maybe because my anxiety has gotten worse, and has resulted in insomnia, so I am a little punchy.

But the confession is that I have an unhealthy obsession with the blogs of Christian Housewives. And not mainstream Christians either. I like the women who homeschool and talk about “unilateral wifely submission.”

Would I be happier if I stayed at home, knitted dish cloths and submitted to my husband’s will?

No joke - the name of this picture is "Always Ready"

No joke - the name of this picture is "Always Ready"

“What are you cooking for dinner?”

“I don’t know. You tell me sweetie, you’re in charge.”

I wouldn’t have to think about a thing. Think of all the time I would save – not thinking.

I can see this working out if you were married to someone really brilliant. Like someone who told me to invest in real estate in Dubai a decade ago.

But what if you were married to a twit. Someone who told you to give all your money to Madoff? And you’re like, “I don’t know. There something about that Bernie that I don’t like….” And he’s gets all 1 Timothy 2:11 on you. And you know there is nothing to do but write the check. That would have totally made me pissy.

Plus, he probably wouldn’t let me watch all the t.v. that I like to watch. And I would probably have to learn to cook.

Things probably worked out for the best.

PS – I am not giving you the URL of any of the blogs. The ladies might find their way here. And Christian women of this sort just about do me in with their aggressive kindness.


12 thoughts on “Unilateral Wifely Submission

  1. You know what’s funny? When I read “Unilateral Wifely Submission” I thought it meant that your wife had written something on your blog and you had written something on hers. That’s how submissive I am – when I read “submission” I think of publishing.

  2. Christ, Woman. (Ha.) I was just going to ask you for the darned URLs and you cut me off in the last paragraph.

    Do tell me these ladies aren’t as foxy as your pin-up . . . .

    (Foxy. Ha, again I say Ha.)

  3. I would LOVE to read some blogs like that. I actually found one not long ago that I LOVED because the person was such a one-woman freak show. She wouldn’t let her daughter play soccer because it wasn’t “girly” enough and instead forced the kid into ballet. It was unbelievably awful. And yet like any good train wreck, I had to look at it.

  4. LOL! I was hooked on one for about a year – she was all into Christian homeschooling and all that other crap. It was so wonderfully naive – it made me think that it would be so nice to be stupid. I mean naive. You know.

  5. OMG I live next door to who you are talking about…..she home schools her four children and they’re all weird………her husband is the boss….I want to throw up she is nuts…..

  6. I totally do the same thing.

    Your favorites, by the way, would be appreciated — I’m working on a paper about Christian patriarchy movements and wifely submission for a course I’m taking on feminist theory.

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