Assault and Battery (in the name of the constitution)

This is what my arm looks like when Virgin pays attention in Criminal Procedure. don’t you feel sorry for me?



If you don’t understand this post: check out her blog

To see what is at stake, go here.


20 thoughts on “Assault and Battery (in the name of the constitution)

  1. Hmm. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I’m in Evidence with Virgin, and not Crim Pro. She doesn’t get nearly as riled up about hearsay exceptions.

  2. hi oh chicken, this is really an inside joke between Virgin and me. I can always tell when she had done the reading because she gets upset over the level of intrusion the government is allowed to exert in our lives in the name of fighting crime – and she starts punching me as the class discussion goes on.

    Mind you, we go to a pretty conservative school, and most of the kids think the tough on crime thing is fine. I am one of the few who agree with her – but I am the one who gets punched!

  3. I really think of our school as conservative. Socially, but also politically. I was kind of shocked in 1L year with all of the Scalia love. Remember Lawrence v Texas…and how many people thought that the majority of the court’s reasoning was misguided (and Scalia was right). Oh, and the dude who thought it was ok for the Japanese to be interned – because it was keeping them safe!

    We also have a professor who clerked for Scalia and founded the federalist society.

    I can could just go on and on but I don’t want too give out to much biographical information.

    It’s nothing like Northeastern which is a truly liberal school.

    And yes, it’s in Massachusetts, but hardly anyone there is actually from here. Not the students or the professors.

  4. Such anger and violence.

    I am truly impressed by and endlessly proud of you two. Keep up the good work. Shoot the dumb bunnies, then go to court and argue that you were protecting the “general population” by helping to maintain a clean and intelligent gene pool for future generations.

  5. Maybe I will become a litigious bore like the rest of the world. Ugh… What a bleak future.

    Not that you guys are litigious bores. No, no. Quite the contrary. I quite look forward to you revolutionizing the field of law – making it a crime to wear anything that’s not designer or having bad hair. I mean, if you can’t dress yourself, why am I going to believe your client is innocent, right?

    I’m I just a shallow little boy? Is Virgin going to beat me now too? Googs, save me.

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