Time for a fresh start

Jen is on CD1. She starts taking the birth control pills in 2 days. Why do you take birth control to get pregnant? I don’t know, you will have the read the blogs of women who pay attention at their RE appointments.

We are still grieving the loss of Calliope, but the nice neighbors upstairs just adopted a puppy from the shelter. So at least we will have a dog around.


Hawt truck that I bought for $10 on Ebay

Hawt truck that I bought for $10 on Ebay

We spent the evening in the emergency room. My little monkey was jumping on the couch, and hit the floor with a thud. He is really a tough guy, and doesn’t complain much. I was a little alarmed when he screamed bloody murder and complained about his arm hurting. I rushed him to the emergency room, but he flirted with the doctor. She asked him where he hurt, and he would just point and say, “maybe there…no….maybe there…not quite there….” She finally just sent us home. I still think he may be in pain because he is holding his shoulders funny. But little boys who don’t communicate with doctors get 5ml of motrin, and then get to tough it out.,



3 thoughts on “Time for a fresh start

  1. at least the puppy will be a nice distraction- the heartache just takes time! your little guy is so funny. Little boys are suck trouble makers- but we love then anyway!

  2. Birth control pills have really high levels of estrogen in which are used to trick the body into thinking its already pregnant thereby preventing the body from releasing eggs. So could Jen be taking it for the estrogen to thicken the lining of the uterus?

    Just a guess dredged up from old Bio lessons.

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