I’m taking this whole thing with the dog pretty hard.

When I get depressed, I get distracted. I get distracted when I am overtired. These two sentences explain about 90% of my behavior.

I sent off a bill, but as it went down the mail slot, I saw that it had no stamp. I hope I put a return address on it. 

This morning, it started to snow in Boston. I decided P and I should go out and get movies and pizza. If you live in Boston, you know that, right there, I am making a stupid move. You should have the food and movies before the snow starts. You don’t venture out after.

Anyway, I bundled us up and headed off to the Atrium mall. Mistake number 2. I’m normally ok with the Atrium, but it is filled with slim mothers buckling their kids into bugaboos. I didn’t check what time Borders opened so I got there an hour before. Even though it was early, P and I went to get pizza at Bertuccis. The waitress was being super nice to us. I thought maybe that was because we were the only ones there. But then I looked at P, and I realized, I forgot to brush BOTH of our hair. I looked insane. The waitress was probably being nice because she thought I was about to eat the crayons that they always give your kid. I wanted to explain to her that I wasn’t really crazy, it’s just that my dog got hit by a car.  But then I made a smart move, and decided she probably didn’t want to know that.

We grabbed some movies and books and headed back to the parking garage. I couldn’t remember where I had parked the car so I had to use the panic button to find it. The women in Volvos looked super annoyed.

dogbowlNow we are home. We still have the dog bowls out. We can’t stand to put them away. We explained to P that Calliope went to see Shmoo in Heaven. 

Jen pointed out that the cats are now getting along better. Before this happened, I was about to call an animal psychic because they hated each other. Animals are so weird, Jen observed.

Yeah, and the little fuckers will break your heart. 


7 thoughts on “I’m taking this whole thing with the dog pretty hard.

  1. So Leslie passed this on to me when Cody died and I pass it along now too to friends who’ve lost a dog. It comforts me a little. Maybe it will for you too.

    Dream Song 16
    John Berryman

    Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so.
    After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns,
    we ourselves flash and yearn,
    and moreover my mother told me as a boy
    (repeatingly) ‘Ever to confess you’re bored
    means you have no

    Inner Resources.’ I conclude now I have no
    inner resources, because I am heavy bored.
    Peoples bore me,
    literature bores me, especially great literature,
    Henry bores me, with his plights & gripes
    as bad as Achilles,

    who loves people and valiant art, which bores me.
    And the tranquil hills, & gin, look like a drag
    and somehow a dog
    has taken itself & its tail considerably away
    into mountains or sea or sky, leaving
    behind: me, wag.

  2. I’m sure it’s incredibly difficult for you. I don’t have anything nearly as good as Virgin to add … so let me just say I’ve been thinking about you. But not in a creepy way … in a “I’m so sorry” kind of way.

  3. I know how hard it is to lose an animal-baby! I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through this now, especially with all the other stuff you are dealing with. But cherish the wonderful life and the love you shared with your dog. Things will get better- they always do!

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