What would Denny Crane do?

I think Jen and I are going to lose our case, and I am annoyed. We filed in small claims court, and I thought we had a really good argument. The girl who hit Jen said she was making a left hand turn and had a green arrow. But Jen said that didn’t make sense because her friend came running out of the Burger King across the street (hence no left turn). She had told Jen that she was meeting him there. 

I thought this was great. But tonight we drove pass the intersection, and I saw it for the first time.  It was one of those crazy multi street intersections that we have in the Northeast. The restaurant was on a V. Jen knows that you have to cross the street to hit the Burger King entrance. But she knows that because she is a townie. Someone who didn’t live there totally might have thought that making a left hand turn was the right thing to do because that is where the fucking restaurant is.

So, we still have her excited utterances where she apologized to Jen for being lost and confused. And Jen’s thinks that she was on the phone because she had it in hand when she got out of her car. But it turns out you can’t subpoena phone records in small claims court.

Oh, and you can’t force someone to hook up to a lie detector test – WTF is up with that? 


9 thoughts on “What would Denny Crane do?

  1. I’m going to ignore your desire to force anyone to take a lie detector test because you know I’ll get all pissy about it and just have to drink more to be let out in public again. And besides, what Denny would do is entirely obvious: he’d shoot the driver, or if she was cute, sleep with her instead.

  2. Umm, re your desire to force people to take a polygraph: this hereby confirms a childhood desire to wear cop pants, and thus, your future as a prosecutor for The Man.

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