Sometimes a blog post is like a family Christmas letter (but not)

momHow do I know she loves me? She bought me the exact same bracelet she had bought me last year. Because I lost the first one, and was sad. 

In other news, I (finally) got an internship. It is at a DAs office in Massachusetts. I am super excited about it. The HR woman offered me the job before I left the building. Its funny because I didn’t think the interview was going that well. I had prepared myself for a bunch of hypos like they sometimes give you. But the questions were a little weird. There was a prosecutor who asked me “how did I chose my law school?” (I liked their web site). “How did I end up in MA?” (I was 26 and drunk, got on a train in Phoenix, and ended up here). 

But as the HR lady was escorting me out, she pulled me aside and told me that she was really impressed with me. She even asked what court house I wanted. I can’t wait for summer now!

The girl who hit Jen lied to the insurance company, and said she had a green arrow when she entered the intersection. They refused my claim and now I got stuck with a $745 bill for the rental car. We are thinking about going to small claims court. I’m pretty angry. She threw our life into chaos and then she can’t even take responsibility for it. 

Jen’s got another appointment with her RE. She has to take a month off, so she is spending it getting into shape and taking care of herself. So it goes on.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes a blog post is like a family Christmas letter (but not)

  1. That is FANTASTIC news about the internship!!! Wow. Congratulations. “very impressed” indeed. As are we all!

    Sorry about the car insurance situation. Blech. Sounds like a lot of hassle and the last thing you need to deal with right now.

    okay…did you actually tell them those answers???

  2. Oh god no, gudnuff. Those are the real answers. I think I said something like I was impressed with my school’s clinics or something. I think I said I came to Boston for the cultural experience (or something).

  3. If for nothing else, you should take the cunt to court because you can, you got law skills. I’m taking my landlord to court and in some dorky way this whole experience is redeeming the ridiculous bs that law school is.

    Hope things make out better for you soon.

  4. Do it! Go to small claims. Or better yet, tell them you’re going to small claims. Frequently, that’s enough to get them to decide it’s not worth the effort.

    Our moving company tried to charge us DOUBLE the original estimate and when we (hubby is also a lawyer) called them and informed them that their contract specified that the estimate could not go any higher without prior authorization and signatures, they totally caved. This was after tons of posturing and “We’re taking your ass to court!” kinds of stupidity. Yeah, well. When we told them, “Bring it” they totally fell apart.

  5. omg, I’m so angry now at the lady who hit Jen- I can’t even describe!! nothing makes me madder than people who CAN’T DRIVE!! ARG! I’m so sorry, I hope it works out for you.

    Awesome about the internship though!!

    And I LOVE the title to your post- so funny!

  6. That is awesome about the internship!! Doesn’t it make you feel excellent when you get the job before you’ve even left the interview? Cool beans. 🙂

    Damn woman. Go get her, lady. Poor Jen and poor you.

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