Waiting by the phone

I am literally standing by the phone, waiting for it to ring. Jen was horrid and refused to take a home pregnancy test. She held out for the blood test. She went this morning, and we should be getting the results soon.

I should be finishing up my reading for Criminal Procedure. I started the reading but didn’t finish. I was distracted because I was studying in a Bertucci’s in Woburn while listening to a guy complain about how he can’t get a mortgage because of his “marks” but he is going to make a killing  selling air conditioners.

Actually, I’ve been feeling sorry myself lately. The Crim Clinic isn’t what I thought. I haven’t been assigned a case yet, and I am stuck in court all day with these 22 year old blonde girls who look like they’ve only eaten a single Cheerio in last decade. They don’t talk to me. I’ve just been feeling like law school was a horrible mistake, and that I should be spending my time at playdates, not researching the constitutionality of sex offender registries. Virgin talked me down from the ledge and convinced me to stay in school. I am either going to thank her or kill her, depending on how this all plays out.

Update – Oh gee. I just reread this. I really meant to talk more about Jen’s TTC attempt then the fact that the Twigs don’t talk to me. I can really be self centered. Anyway, I will let everyone know what happens with Jen, if she says its ok. 


10 thoughts on “Waiting by the phone

  1. Well, if you’re waiting by the phone, we’ll be waiting via the internets. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  2. we all want to quit lawschool sometime but you’ve come so far already! just take it day by day – when i get frustrated i just go take a walk and try to think about what my law degree will do for my family. last semester i hated school- HATED it. this semester has been really awesome though. So a good semester may be just around the corner!

  3. From The Simpsons episode that was repeated last night:

    Ahoy, Maties!
    If the water turns blue, a baby for you!
    If purple ye see, no baby thar be!
    If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!
    — Barnacle Bill’s Home Pregnancy Test, “I Married Marge”

  4. Oh, no. We’re all in this together – you, me, and Virgin. Besides, you have to stick around at least for long enough to collect on the lasagne I still owe you. 😛

    Think about it this way: you possess an air of gravitas. The Twigs do not.

    I hope the news is good. 🙂

  5. How did I miss this post??!!! Sheesh!

    The horribleness of the twiggy blondes will end…by which I mean, you won’t be stuck with them for much longer. Cee (love her!) has said it best, you don’t know what’s right around the corner. You rock. You know you rock. Law school sucks. But the training of your mind, all that stuff that you get to be exposed to…again I say, if you weren’t sitting in court being ignored by anorexic, melanin-deprived tweens, you would some day wonder, “What’s it like to sit in court? What do they do there? Why can’t anybody just walk up past that little gate-barrier-thing and sit in the judge’s chair for grins? Really, what’s the big deal anyway?” I bet you already know the answers to all that stuff, don’t you? See?

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