What was I doing?

Tonight, Jen told me that I am just off skating free…in the wild. With all of the craziness of last week and running around the city to go to doctors appointments and getting in car accidents, I am just flitting around. I am busy…shopping for new cars, and picking out a new Mei Tai (just in case). What I have not been doing is law school. You know, that club with $120,000 cover charge?

Part of the problem is that most of my credits are with the criminal clinic, and they haven’t given me a case yet. That seriously bums me out. I am ready to defend someone. dammit. I’m nervous to have the responsibility of someone’s life. But I figure it’s better to learn now while I am being supervised, rather then just being thrown onto an unsuspecting public when I graduate. I am ready to cut my teeth.

But for now, I am just wondering if buying an American car is too big of a risk, and should the baby sling be mahogany or blue? 


14 thoughts on “What was I doing?

  1. planning for a baby is so much fun and a great distraction from the rest of your life 🙂 I remember spending hours registering for baby gifts, compiling baby names and reading baby websites while in my classes! I hope it all works out!

  2. Ah, it sounds like you’re finding some fun distractions, which are all considerably cheaper than the schooling! That is quite a costly club, no doubt, but you are going to be a fantastic attorney. I’m sure you’ll get assigned a case soon, but in the meantime, I hope you continue to dream big.

  3. I’m sure that a part of you is keeping tabs on school, even while you’re consciously focused elsewhere.

    Are you a big American car proponent? Me, not so much.

  4. Hey gudnuff,

    I am not a big proponent of American cars. I am just cheap. That is why I was wondering if its a risk. I take from your comment you had a bad experience? Or am I reading into it?

  5. Your question has forced me to examine a strong bias against American cars that I’ve had for most of my life. The facts are lacking…I cannot justify my aversion. I just don’t like ’em. I think they’re ugly. Yet strangely conceited. Seems like I always hear about them having problems. Could be a simple case of finding what you seek…since I don’t like ’em, I focus on any negative info to the exclusion of positive info.

    Sorry I’m of so little help. I have an ’05 Camry that I bought new in ’04 and I love it. Hubby bought a Prius just before he quit his last real job, ’cause he’s smart like that, and we love it, too. I wish we were cheap, ’cause we cannot afford two car payments. I miss the money, but I love the cars.

    Next time, though, I’d buy a certified used car. The depreciation thing just blows. The Consumer Reports Car Buying Guide can be pretty helpful.

  6. Although I, too, know it MAY be an unfounded bias, I am against the American car. I find they always lasted a way shorter amount of time when my family had them growing up. My Subaru….I think it could go on for years. Our Ford growing up, maybe 8 good years. Maybe.

    And oh how I can relate (and vote for Mahogany) to the purchasing for future only maybe conceived baby syndrome. Especially in the face of work.

    I consider the best procrastination from dissertation data analysis to be browsing around for baby carriers. Or cloth diapers — definitely hop on that bandwagon. Whoa!

    Best of luck getting a case. Wish I could volunteer to commit a crime for you, but then I’d put my financial aid in jeopardy….. 😉

  7. See, this is interesting. I also have a general sense that American cars are not very good. But I can’t figure out where I got that from. I think it’s something my parents said when I was growing up. But I don’t know if it is true or not. Plus, the whole industry could go belly up.

    And thanks for the offer megincl – but don’t jeopardize your financial aid!

    The thing is, I think I haven’t been assigned a case because the program is disorganized. It can’t possibly be for a lack of criminals…can it?

  8. Mmm. I share the American car bias, too. In our house we’re devotedly un-American in this regard. Kind of stinky. right?

    Good luck getting back into classes. Slings are far superior to slammer visits, btw. No matter what anyone tells you, the first time you visit your client in jail, you’re scared. You’re also scared every time after that. Oh, and the underwire in your bra will set off the metal detector. Word to the wise.

  9. Oh gosh, don’t you sometimes wish for boredom?

    I’m excited and love reading the process. I know people who have gone through it, but the details are quite unbelievable.

    Robert kinda looked at me funny and I was knocked up so…

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