Now we wait

This hasn’t been the most informative TTC blog. Mostly because I am only half paying attention. I wake up when an imperative statement heads my way like You, drive through a snowstorm and get Jen this shot. Now. Or Don’t let her do any work and make her drink Gatorade.

So in the interest of educating the masses (because I know you are all so interested), this is what happens when they transfer the embryos. They give them grades. Yes, even before they are born, they are saddled with a curve.

The first grade has to do with fragmentation. You want less fragmentation, not more. And they are graded from A to D. The next grade has to do with symmetry. They are graded from Good to Fair to Poor. Then you are told the number of cells that they have. In general, you want there to be 6 to 8 cells by third day when you implant.

There is no correlation between the grade they get and the genetic quality of the embryos. You can have very high quality embryos that still result in miscarriage because of genetic abnormalities. It is more a prediction of the likelihood of implantation.

Yesterday, we implanted two embryos. We had 3, but one didn’t divide. The two that we had were graded 6 C Fair and 8 B Fair. So one was a little bit better quality than the other.

Now, after all of the running around, and giving shots and talking to doctors, all we have to do  is wait. Keep up the prayers and the jigs. We really appreciate it!


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