Domestic Catastrophes

The night before Jen was going in for her retrieval, she got into a serious car accident. Another girl ran a red light, and slammed into her. Jen’s ok, but she was shaken like a dry martini.  The car may be totaled.

We were not going to miss her doctor’s appointment, but we had to get out to Lexington. Early the next morning we trekked into the city to rent a car. We got a Prius!

We got out to the Reproductive Science Center, and everything was fine. The nurses were chatty cathys, especially once they found out she was a nurse. The last count we had heard from her doctor was that she had 23 follicles. We were expecting a couple dozen eggs. So I was a little shock when they called me back in after the procedure to tell me they had only retrieved 3 eggs. The nurses did the little “you only need one” thing and told us not to worry.

I brought Jen home and she crashed from the stress and the medication. I ran off to Criminal Procedure.

I think I am really married now, because though none of this stuff actually happened to me, I was feeling pretty traumatized. I’ve been walking around the last few days feeling like I got hit by a car.

The next day, I kept calling Jen to see if she had any word on how many eggs fertilized. I finally got a text from her – All 3 had fertilized! So we are back in the baby making game and the transfer is set for Friday.


10 thoughts on “Domestic Catastrophes

  1. I don’t know bupkiss about this whole procedure – but you make it sound like 100% fertilization is not usual and pretty cool. So, congratulations! And I’m glad your wife wasn’t seriously injured, and it didn’t kill your chances for a baby. Jeezum, that would have been even more of a nightmare.

    I wish you luck on this baby making! I’m going to surf your archives to find out what # kid this would be – 2? 3? Whatever, I am sending you positive ‘net vibes for success in adding +1 to your family!

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Cee and Gillian – I have to admit that I know very little about this process. This is particularly true since I went through it myself. But I know that the more eggs – the more chances, so we were a little disheartened by only retrieving 3. But because they all fertilized, we still have a chance at pregnancy. But at this point we don’t know if they are viable or if they will implant.

    And this will be baby #2! Hopefully.

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