Word is: All systems go

We just got word from the baby doctor that Jen is going in for egg retrieval tomorrow. She is scheduled for surgery right smack dab in the middle of Trust and Estates, so I will be missing my T&E.

I find this stage of the process incredibly stressful. After a whole lot of nothing happening, things get frantic. Yesterday, we had a snowstorm in Boston.  Jen called in the middle of it from her work, “My doctor said that my estrogen levels are dropping. You have to bring me [some funky ass drug] NOW!”

I went running out of the house. My condo mates were outside shoveling.

Me: I have to bring Jen drugs at work!

Cute straight couple: My god, is she ok?

Me: We’re trying to get pregnant, she needs this shot now!

They totally wanted to know that.

And driving in the snowstorm, with P in back, my mind is going “I have to get her these drugs If she doesn’t get these drugs this cycle won’t work and if this cycle doesn’t work we will have to go through another one and I don’t think we can afford that but DON’T THINK OF THE MONEY THINK OF THE BABY ok ok its about the baby but we don’t have a baby so I have to get her these drugs and wow what if we have twins we’d have to buy a mini van but we can’t afford a mini van because of the money we spent trying to have a baby…”

Meanwhile, P is in back, and he keeps saying: We are we going? It’s cold out.

Me: P, do you want a little brother or sister?

P: Maybe not. 


8 thoughts on “Word is: All systems go

  1. See, this is why I advocated for teaching this kid “perhaps.” He would be impossibly agreeable.

    Good luck tomorrow. We all know I’m not the praying kind, but I’ll do a little atheist jig or something for you guys. I’ll really need those mini van jokes next semester.

  2. With the holidays I was unable to keep up with my usual Blog reading, but came back to yours, and as always, I’m in tears of joy! LOVE your blog!

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