I don’t care what the food taste like in Seattle, LA or New York

Jen and I went to a quirky little French restaurant yesterday. It had a charming atmosphere, the food was delicious, and the waiter delighted us by being so drunk he did fan kicks as he flitted about the place.

But I am not going to tell you where. Because my panties are in a twist.

I am on a mother’s listserve for my neighborhood, and there was a familiar type of poster. The lil’ Ms. “the food (art/nightclubs/people) is so much better” where we came from.

I have met people from all over the world who have come to Boston. And I have endured YEARS of hearing about how the food is better in sinister New York or vapid LA. It is particularly annoying when I think about the crappy meals I have had in both LA and New York. This particular poster had moved from the culinary epicenters of London and Seattle. Give me a break.

I went to school at Northwestern. And there was a delicious Italian restaurant everyone went to on Sundays. Jen and I went back, and I remember telling her how we had to go to “Dave’s Kitchen because it had the best lasagna on earth.”  Well, we went to Dave’s. And the lasagna was genuinely … mediocre. What I realized is that because I visited Dave’s during a special place in my life, I had fond memories of the food there. It distorted my memory of it.

What I really think is that these people are just homesick. But instead of just admitting that, they trash Boston.

So I have decided I am no longer recommending restaurants to out of towners. I am tired of recommending places that I have an honest connection to, places where I have dated my wife, had meaningful conversations, and enjoyed pleasant meals, just to have to hear about how it is done differently in the god forsaken place you decided to leave.

Is this why the townies hate the gownies so much?

And I am not giving you directions either. If you don’t know how to get there, you don’t belong there. I think I am becoming a real Bostonian after all.



9 thoughts on “I don’t care what the food taste like in Seattle, LA or New York

  1. really- epicenter?? seattle food? there is nothing special about food here- unless you like salmon (which we get from alaska anyway) or perhaps white clam chowder.

    I hate when people talk about how much better it is where they come from- seriously move back or stop complaining!! in seattle we are known for being polite and nice but very isolated and reluctant to make new friends- people here hat transpants too- maybe all big towns are like that?

    my husband visited boston a couple years ago and ge raved about the food! he especially loved Finale! he still talks about their desserts!

  2. Cee – your husband is my kind of visitor. Seriously, I have never visited a place, and complained to the natives about how great it was back home. It’s not polite, and we are not impressed.

  3. I didn’t realize you were a fellow Bostonian… I agree completely! If the food/weather/nightlife is so much better where you come from, just go back there.

  4. I hated it when I lived in Boston and the restaurants got trashed by New Yorkers. Why is it universally acceptable to mock Boston’s restaurants? Bollucks. By the way, my time in Boston was nostalgic for me, and when I took Mo to Elephant Walk this summer it still stood up.

    Coping with the mocking of Boston’s restaurants was good training for moving to Hartford where we now much withstand having our *everything* mocked. But, tonight, we will grab a bite with friends at a Hartford restaurant that serves with charm and great skill as much local meat, fish, dairy and produce as anyone– this on the heels of Saturday’s mediocre meal at a top rated NYC restaurant.

    Fine. More for us.

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