Back to the grind


Luke Skywalker of the planet Cheerios

Luke Skywalker of the planet Cheerios


It is almost the end of my first week back. I started my Criminal Clinic, which scares me a little. Not because I am going to be working with criminals. I don’t have a problem with that. But because the professor gave us a scary lecture on the first day of class about how *he will fail us* if we are late or miss class. Not for nothing, but I kind of have a full dance card. And I run a little late. It’s 8 credits, so failing would be very bad. 

Also, we are supposed to be in court one day a week – but we don’t know what day. I am a little nervous with Jen going through IVF. She will need me to be there for retrieval and implantation. Hopefully, things will align and there won’t be a conflict. Hell, hopefully I will have to miss a class for the birth of my child. They better not give me a hard time about it. (Even if I am not strictly necessary for process).

I also have some interviews lined up, all criminal. I have interviews with DA offices here in MA and in other states. Plus, I just got an interview with the Public Defenders office. I am really excited about all of them.

Amendment 1: Virgin and I are back together again in Criminal Procedure. We are looking for blogs to read during class. If you know any goods one, let us know. Virgin will never admit to it, but we do have some standards. I, for one, don’t like anything having to do with road kill.


11 thoughts on “Back to the grind

  1. Ha, don’t forget those “criminals” are innocent until proven guilty. You’d better start thinking of them as clients. Hope you ladies have fun. I bet, criminal or not, they are all just thankful to have you both there to represent them.

    And if your teacher won’t let you off for the birth of your child, which I know will happen for you guys (!!), just send your happy clients to take care of him. 😉

  2. What’s wrong with professors like that? I had this one who would try to “punish” us via public humiliation if you were late. Like you were officially the “on call” biotch for the rest of the class if you showed up late. And at that time, I was coming over there from work. And one day I was late.

    But I want you to know I performed flawlessly as his biotch. But seriously – wtf.

  3. “but we do have some standards. I, for one, don’t like anything having to do with road kill.”

    i just love where you’ve set the standard,
    my friend, the bar has been raised!! hehe.

  4. Beware the PD’s office. They’ll be all like, “So, what are the top three locations in our state where you want to work?” Then they’ll offer you the job and they’ll be like, “But you have to work in x-town, population of TEN, located in the coldest, snowiest, most freaking backwards part of the state. Good luck.”

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