My NEW new year’s resolution (or coffee never tasted so good)

After my last post, my body started to have a dramatic and increasingly violent reaction to the fast. Jen roped me into seeing a lesbian movie. The situation was deteriorating. I went to bed.

When I got up in the morning I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should start the fast routine or make a cup of coffee. I checked my email, and there was Ms. Gottlieb telling me to eat something. I decided this was the voice of reason. What am I? A hippie?

My more modest new year’s resolution is to stop drinking diet coke and get back on weight watchers.

I am disappointed in myself. I am normally able to muscle through anything, no matter how unpleasant. But the deal breaker was that I could not stand the idea of drinking another one of those “green juices”. The whole thing reminded me of when I was pregnant. I was sick the first three months. But I still tried to eat fruits and vegetables because the books said that I should. To this day, I can’t stand the sight of cantaloupe.

I am brewing another cup of coffee, and making some weight watcher’s soups. How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?


19 thoughts on “My NEW new year’s resolution (or coffee never tasted so good)

  1. Ha. I think you made a good choice, girl. I slept all day yesterday. Literally. ALL DAY. Woke up around 11 p.m., went back to sleep, slept until 8 a.m. this morning. So I think I started the new year off right. Today is another day and I plan to get off my butt and do some things towards disconnecting myself from Chapin (i.e., go to DMV and try to get the car registered in my name only with the POA he gave me and the certified copy of our divorce decree since he won’t sign the quitclaims). I am also going to cancel his XM radio that I’ve been paying for for months. Not sure what to do about car insurance (also paying for that), but that’s a problem for another day. And I may hop on my stair stepper. If I do all of that, I’ve accomplished a few things towards my resolutions. Oh, and I’ve already had three 24-oz glasses of water and it’s not even noon. 🙂

  2. Hey PT-Law Mom, I am glad that you are disentangling yourself from Chapin. I know it is messy, but you can do it, one step at a time.

    I haven’t started to cook or clean yet. I think I still feel weak from yesterday. I am drinking coffee and watching crime shows. I got to get off my butt!

  3. Ugh, make us a cup of coffee too? We’re our of half and half, and milk for that matter, and haven’t even showered or left the house yet. It seems to us that you have accomplished quite a lot!

  4. at least you gave it a shot- you earn points for that! i think most of us wouldnt even try! doesnt coffee taste way better after you craved it for 24 hours?

  5. Try taking a walk or jogging around in your neighborhood… breathe the fresh air, enjoy the scenery, look at the people around you, you know… you might feel better and have more energy!

  6. Dude – I could have told you that this green juice would have sucked ass. And I didn’t even need to taste it to know it would suck ass. Why?

    I approve of food. And disapprove of fasting.

    I approve of sex. And disapprove of abstinence.

    I approve of alcohol. And disapprove of teetotalers.

    I approve of being a biotch. And disapprove of biting my tongue.

    I’m a woman of excesses, what can I say?

  7. Ah, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve just started, and I’m trying to get subjects lined up so I can get this whole project up and running. I’d appreciate any advice you could give me pertaining to writer’s block, because I know I’ll run into it in the future.

    Also, this post just inspired me to write out a resolution, since I didn’t have one in the first place. Thanks!

  8. Oh my. I didn’t realize I was responsible for all this.

    You didn’t tell them that I also suggested not shooting water up your ass. Then again, you’ve always been more ladylike than I.

  9. I like vegetables, and still I can’t fathom the thought of drinking green juice first thing in the morning.

    I like your new New Year’s Resolution much more.

  10. I’m with cee – you get points for giving it a shot. Believe it or not, a day long fast can do your body a lot of good and it’s the hardest bit, so double points.

    I couldn’t give up coffee during my feast. One thing at a time, no?

    Love to you darling. And your sassy friends.

  11. I’m pretty against fasts or anything extreme with food. It just never seems to go well – we are meant to eat! Just in moderation and not all bad things all the time.

    My goal is to eat something fresh every day. This is a pathetically low bar but I’ve realized there are days when I haven’t had a single fresh fruit or vegetable- and I love fresh produce! I suppose at some point in your life you have to stop living on frozen pizza and cereal. I think that point in my life was several years ago…

    Good luck on your quest to be healthier!

  12. 2009 seems to be a year for no resolutions, or late ones, or modified ones. As for me, for 2009, I’ve given up apologizing. No regrets, no apologies. Bring it on.

    Good for you for choosing moderation for your resolution. I chose, about 2 years ago, to avoid carbonation and sugary-tasting drinks, altogether. Still have my coffee with sugar-free creamer every morning, and then nothing to drink for the rest of the day unless it’s water. It definitely cuts down on unnecessary calories. Water does no harm. An apple a day is my other goal, but a lot more difficult.

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