A bit of a complication

I am on day 1 of my juice fast. The enema wasn’t so bad, and I am not hungry. But I hate the way the green juice tastes. Hate it. I didn’t have my dinner drink.I can’t stand the sight of it.  I think it may ruin the joy of juice forever. I laid around the house and did nothing all day. This isn’t like me. If I am not studying the law, I am usually flitting around the house making Jen nervous with what I am up to. 

I’ll see how day 2 goes. I don’t know if I can do this. I would tell you more, but I have a splitting headache from the lack of caffeine.


3 thoughts on “A bit of a complication

  1. Ugh. I’ve heard this is what is supposed to happen on these detox diets. It usually gets better as things get flushed out. Hope you feel more “with it” soon!

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