butterflies are free

I  had a rather harrowing  past few days. It was as if the end of finals created a stress vacuum and the universe decided to kick up random and unrelated shit to get me in a tizzy.

I am in a tizzy.

Unfortunately, most of it is too personal to blog about. I know that this will probably make it seem more interesting than it is, which it is not, I just need to protect the innocent.

But just to give you a taste, I killed a butterfly at the Science Museums butterfly exhibit today. Either that or the bug decided to kill itself just as I was opening the door to get out. And it happened in front of 4 little boys who were just staring at me with their big beautiful eyes that said, “You DIDN’T just slam the door on the golden butterfly, did you bitch?”

But on the bright side, it turns out my son can identify an owl butterfly (see below). Amazing huh?


this is not the butterfly I killed, this one was already dead

this is not the butterfly I killed, this one was already dead




10 thoughts on “butterflies are free

  1. oh no! Maybe it committed butterfly suicide and you just happened to be the one in its path. I hope everything gets better at least you can breath a sigh of relief that finals are over!

  2. Personal?!? What is that? You know, there are just way too many damn butterflies at those places but I would have been upset, too. Those poor, traumatized little kids. Geez. 😉

  3. Oh god, I’m sorry, but when I read the caption on the butterfly picture (ie this one was already dead) I just about peed my pants laughing. Way to use humor to feel better 🙂

  4. this may/may not be helpful:
    on average a butterfly lives 20-40 days!!
    it was probably his time and he wanted to go on his terms!!,
    i’m with cee on this one.

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