Semester Recap and Goals for the New Year

christmastreeDuring finals, I told Jen that I felt like I never had a handle on this semester. I always felt like I was behind and running to catch up. Jen pointed out that I took a lot better care of myself this year. 1L year I did nothing but study. I would go to the library after class and then study for a few hours. Then I would come home and study some more. This semester, I hardly went library at all.  I studied at home which meant that I was often distracted by my boy. I also kept up on my exercise and even chaired an AA meeting.

I probably studied about half as much. My grades will definitely go down but I’m sure that I knew enough to pass each course. I’m ok with it. I think I had something to prove last year. Butterflyfish said something along the same lines. If you get good grades it will somehow justify this late in life decision to go to law school. It will make the time away from your family worth it. But I got good grades last year, and I missed my family. I strongly believe that people who hate law school should cut their losses and drop out. I don’t hate the law. Frankly, a part of me really loves it. What I hate is that I somehow morphed into a prestige whore by osmosis. I am staying in school, but I am going to continue to rebalance my time so it is more focus on my family.

For the New Year, I have a couple of goals.

  • First, I am going to throw away/recycle 27 things a day. I used to subscribe to the Fly Lady. For those of you who don’t know who she is, the Fly Lady is a domestic goddess. She sends out an email a day telling her followers what to do i.e. clean the closet, wipe down the kitchen cabinets etc. I really liked being told what to do, good submissive that I am. I don’t have the energy to go whole hog with her this year. But I am going to do the 27 Fling Boogie once a day until school starts. So far, it hasn’t been a problem at all to find 27 things to throw out.

  • Second, I am going on Mrs. Bluemont’s 92 day juice fast. After a year of living off of popcorn and diet coke, I really feel the need for a good detox. Jen laughed when she heard that I was going to drink “green juice” every morning since I am not one to eat my vegetables. Also, it involves daily enemas. We will see if this one pans out.




3 thoughts on “Semester Recap and Goals for the New Year

  1. good luck with all your goals- they seem wise!!

    My goals will probable be more along the lines of: do more laundry so I can stop wearing underwear inside out.

  2. Several thoughts:

    1. A daily enema? WTF. It sounds like that Alli crap …

    2. You’ll hate law worse when you finish law school than you do now.

    3. The less studying the better.

    4. The more goofing off the better.

    5. Yes, I’m a total slacker.

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