Taking a 24 hour break

My son was more impressed with this video then Jen was. She has a cold heart when it comes to kittens.

I am taking a 24 hour break from studying. I am not in a position to. I don’t know the material and I don’t have a job (so my grades still matter). But my friends from our lesbian mommies group are having an 80s party, and we are so going. I’m tired of putting off my life until after law school or even after finals. The party is tonight, not next week.


8 thoughts on “Taking a 24 hour break

  1. the cat video is so awesome! i feel like that a lot- moving fast but going nowhere 🙂 and my cats would totally drink out of the toilet if we left the lid open!

  2. i hope you had fun at the party 🙂 taking a break is actually good for us. sometimes, our brains cant just fart out ideas. it needs time to brew things. you’d be surprised to come back after the party with some new insights or two 🙂

  3. i will remind you that against my better (inner) judgment i like kittens enough to contemplate getting another one even though that is complete insanity. don’t misrepresent- i love all the hairballs and puke, the scratching and random claws in your lap- what’s not to love

    Note: This message is from Jen, not Googie Baba. Though my hold on reality has become loose since entering law school, I am not yet talking to myself

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