Administrative Fail 2

I need to move onto Evidence. But as some of you know*, because I have been bitching about it non-stop since 12:30, my administrative law final was a disaster.  I’m very tired, and I am doing many stupid things. First, I forgot my glasses at home. But I am used to not being able to see. Then, my computer starts beeping halfway through the test. I don’t know what is going on. I think my hard drive is crashing. I call out to the proctors to “Go get the computer guy!” One of them goes running. Then I realize, my electric chord is unplugged. I just need to plug it back in.

And then there was the test.

There were four questions. One big essay, and then 3 little essays. We had to answer the big essay and then choose 2 out of the 3 little ones.

I read the big question, and I think it is just issue spotting. So I spend about an hour spotting issues. But then I realize, right on the page, in front of my eyes, were a list of questions. These were questions about the fact pattern. I had answered a non-question for an hour and had to race and answer the real questions.

By the time I done, I have forty five minutes for the two other questions. I choose a question on Appointments and Removal because I have notes on it. Part one of the question is about Rohm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Basically the question was:  is he a principal officer, an inferior officer or an employee. “Chief of Staff” sounded to me like someone who organized the maids. Maybe trimmed the bushes in the Rose Garden. I said he was an employee. The rest of the essay was based on this premise.

Once I was home, I googled it.  Turns out, the White House Chief of Staff has a little bit more responsibility than that.

Anyway, it’s onto the Hearsay Rule. Only 5 more days until this odious semester is over.

*Thanks to Mo @ twoladiesinwaiting for the Chevron chart. And for listening to me whine. 


7 thoughts on “Administrative Fail 2

  1. You know what? The good news is that all of your colleagues were likewise busy studying while the Rohm Emanuel pick was being dissected on the news — so they think he arranges flowers too. And if they weren’t, well, they don’t study hard enough and are no competition for the likes of you anyway.

    (For whatever it’s worth — and I’m sure it isn’t worth a lot — I’m pretty sure that Leo on the West Wing served at the pleasure of the President. I think you were right!)

    This is Meg but the chart was from Mo. Who you are officially not allowed to speak to because she hasn’t taken admin yet (next week) and I don’t want to have to scrape her off the floor.

    Seriously, great good luck to you.

  2. Oh, Googie, this sounds fairly shitty. Then again, it’s law school, it’s all shit, we’ve succumbed to shit, and shit, I want out.

    Cheer yourself up by coming over to my blog to take the gay test. I want to be sure you’re on the gay and narrow, you know.

  3. It’s okay. I had a massive attack of apathy during my T&E exam… with half an hour to go, I saw two issues I had missed in the first question… and couldn’t be bothered appending anything to my answer. Just couldn’t. T&E was the one class in which I actually knew what was going on. Oops.

    Unless your Admin professor gave you a list of positions in the government and had you memorize their duties, or provided a list of duties, the best you could do was speculate. And if you start with the premise that the Chief of Staff arranges flowers and everything else logically follows, he can’t fault you, can he?

  4. Yikes. I’ve been through exams like that and honestly have done better on them than I expected. I’ve also done worse on exams that I expected to rock than expected. I really just think there’s no predicting outcomes on exams from how well you THINK you did. I’ll bet it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

    *crossing fingers*

  5. I am going to be failing my admin final tomorrow, so no worries. Admin is INSANE. INSANE!

    I have admin tomorrow 7pm – 10pm then on Friday I have copyright at 10a-1p KILL ME NOW!

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