Odds and Ends

I am a few hours away from my first final. In the last week, I wrote a one hundred page outline of Intellectual Property. One Hundred Pages. It’s my own little tome of patent and copyright law.

I took a break from studying yesterday to go with Jen down to the baby doctors. We are back on the baby making train. Jen is going to try IVF, so this is officially a law school, mommy, trying to conceive blog. How’s that for focus?

I don’t understand a lot of the IVF terminology yet. Jen is a nurse, and was a quick study. She and the doctor started throwing around a lot of big words.
Because of finals, this project has been almost completely delegated to her, but she’s got a handle on it.

They made me get another round of testing for STDs. I protested because it was ridiculous. But they insisted that it was FDA regulations and it didn’t matter if we were gay or straight. The place I went to when I got pregnant didn’t make us do anything. It was practically a drive by insemination. But the place we are now is really by the book.

I have an IP final tomorrow, and Administrative Law final the day after, and then 5 days after that is Evidence. So you might not hear from me for a while. If I don’t come up for air in a week, send for help. And maybe send chocolate ice cream too.


5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Meg here. Congrats on the IVP. As for your final, I think classes that attempt to cover all of IP are very ambitious. Okay, stick the trademarks and the copyrights together — but keep the patents on their own. Break a leg.

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