Administrative Fail

I started outlining Administrative Law, and ended up with a few questions. I emailed the professor to see when his office hours where. He said, “Oh come any time. I’m here all of the time.” I go see him after class, and he is blaring music through his Ipod and playing a game on the computer. I knock loudly, several times. He finally jumps when he hears me.

(He is from Israel, so you have to imagine this conversation with an accent).

Professor: “Oh, Googie. I have so much to do. I have this paper to get out and I have to write this test.”

Me: “That’s fine. I really just wanted to know what test we should use to decide if something is an interpretative rule?”

Prof: “Interpretative rules? Oh. I can barely remember that. Hey, have a seat. Did you see that Apple is having a sale? Not that I need another Ipod.”

Ok. Experiment with taking Administrative Law seriously is over. 


5 thoughts on “Administrative Fail

  1. Ha! Awesome. Mine is far too cerebral and a freshly-minted one, too. I rather preferred it when he was distracted by the Phillies being in the World Series. Anyway, check out this chart. (Crap. It wouldn’t paste in here like I wanted it to. Email me if you want it.)

    Have you checked out the E&E? I think it has a good explanation of this, too.

  2. I hated Admin. And then I went on to practice it. Crazy. An interpretive rule is just a rule that states what the administrative agency thinks a statute means and reminds affected parties of existing duties, while a substantive rule imposes new rights or duties.

  3. (This time it’s Meg commenting)

    I never took it. But, having heard tales while I was in law school, I knew I would hate it. I told Mo this. She took it anyway. That said, I loved Secured Transactions but wouldn’t wish it on Mo.

  4. Hi Meg, I wish someone had told me how bad it is. But since I am interested in public interest, everyone told me I HAD to take it. I’m still not sure what was so important.

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