Thanks for all of the green beans


French Green Beans!

French Green Beans!

Once, when I was a baby femme, an older femme said to me, “Googie, do you know what is wrong with lesbians? They don’t eat enough green beans.”

I decided she was right and vowed to eat green beans whenever and wherever I could. Then one day, I met the love of my life, Jen. And we ate green beans almost every night.

After several doctors visits, along came our son. Our green bean consumption went down dramatically. But we were troopers and rapaciously ate green beans during the 45 minutes our son napped.

But then one day, I had a mid-life crisis and decided, “Law school would be fun.” And now, we haven’t eaten green beans in ages. The wife is cranky and somewhat hostile due to the lack of green beans and probably a vitamin deficiency. I keep telling her “Don’t worry, Christmas break is coming. I’m sure we will eat lots of green beans.”

The moral of the story, don’t go to law school and be thankful when green beans are in your life.

And if this post makes no sense to you, don’t worry about it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

(P.S. While looking for an image to steal for this post, I ran across a story about a woman who found a mouse in her greens beans. Ironically, I may never eat green beans again).


11 thoughts on “Thanks for all of the green beans

  1. Thanks Butterflyfish.

    Virgin – Bad Lesbians, of course. Actually, Jen’s a good lesbian. I am pretty much responsible for all of the non-organic canned goods in our life.

  2. Bwahahaha. Love it. I don’t find that law school has given me that particular problem. But apparently I find stress sexy. Hope you get back to the green beans really soon (and that Jen is okay – vitamin deficiencies SUCK!)

  3. Do lesbians generally NOT have a lot of sex like your friend thought? I can’t say that I have ever contemplated the AMOUNT Of sex lesbians have, but I long ago decided that gay men must be the masters of … er … blowing on the green bean. *ahem*

    Hawt post, man.

  4. The KID didn’t stop you, but law school did?
    Opposite for me. I had lots of stress to relieve 1L year! I still have stress to relieve, but I rarely have a block of time.

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