Not just for Meth Labs anymore

Tonight, I looked at the key words people use to get to my site, and I was amused to see  “Sunnyslope Hell” brought someone here.

I stole this image and I hope they aren't dicks about it

Now, there is only one place on the face of the earth called Sunnyslope, and that is my hometown in AZ (it’s not really a town, it’s a section of Phoenix).

So I did a search on Google to see what would come up and I found this article. Apparently, Sunnyslope is going through a bit of a revival right now. Urbanites are discovering its charm.

Now Yo-Yo girl, being from Dorchester, is always fond of telling me how the place where you grow up is what forms you and develops your character.

So I want you guys to look closely at the title and subheading of this article, “Sunnyslopetopia, It’s not just for Meth Labs and Hells Angels anymore.” That is place that formed me. Hawt right? Only I lived there when it WAS synonymous with hand jobs. Unlike now where it kind of sounds like yuppieville.

Actually, I don’t remember it being so bad. There was a lot of space to roam around. Some of our neighbors had horses and even sheep. But I do remember giving people directions like, “Well you have to pass by the drive thru liquor store, and then you’ll see a pink church. When you get to the Vietnamese porn shop, turn right.”

When my dad died last summer, Jen and I wandered around the city. I wanted to show her the places that were important to me: the MetroCenter, the 7 Eleven where I used to smoke, the Gay Denny’s on 7th where I first came out. She tried to act interested, but she had that dull look Northeasterners get when they are out of their natural habitat. That look that says, “If I don’t find a graduate of Boston Latin to talk to pronto, I am going to go bat shit insane. When did we pass over the Tobin? It’s hot.”

I don’t think we are going to be going back anytime soon.

Oh, and it took me 4 hours to Outline a single day of Administrative Law. I got to get it together.


5 thoughts on “Not just for Meth Labs anymore

  1. 4 hours for just one day of admin law- ugh. I’m in for a treat next semester.

    It’s amazing how special the place you grew up in becomes to you. No matter how boring, the places where we grew up and became who we are always have a special place to us. I would love to talk a walk in one of my old neighborhoods!

  2. We had a gay Denny’s too.

    Mo has switched from outlining to watching Barbri review lectures. Evidence was up last night — she said it’s a particularly good one. When I was in lawschool I didn’t discover those lectures until too late in the game. And I never discovered flashcards, which she loves. Oh, and I had to walk 10 miles to class in a snowstorm. Every darn day.

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