Not outlining

In what is becoming a semi-annual tradition here at Mommy on the Floor, I have the “What I am doing while my fellow students are studying” blog post.

Today, it was the train show:

Lego Train

Lego Train

It was really cool. Only 7 dollars to get in and the kid loved it. And with my handy iphone camera, you guys can follow me everywhere! Aren’t you excited?

On another note, If a chicken nugget drops on the floor, and then you pick it up and  refrigerate it, and then microwave a few hours later, do you think that would kill the germs? Asking completely hypothetically, of course.



7 thoughts on “Not outlining

  1. were you at a lego land or something? so funny.

    if the chicken nugget fell on the floor and you pick it up within 20 minutes… you’re all good- unless someone stepped on it (even i have standards).

  2. Do you really think its ok? I thought maybe nuking it would kill off a bunch of stuff.

    And no, were weren’t at Lego Land. It was this “train enthusiast” thing that I never even know existed until I gave birth to my own little train enthusiast.

  3. Studying? HA! If only.

    I had plenty of time to outline – in theory – between Friday and now. Which means I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing on the exam preparation front.

    On the other hand, I made two batches of ravioli, a batch of spinach gnudi, and a whole lot of berry scones.

  4. I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t kill the germs but that it would offer a boost to your immune system. Not that I *ahem* have ever done any such thing *ahem.*

    As for the train show? Hawt! Dude – you’re studying for finals already? I totally didn’t start that until the reading period.

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