Not a brain tumor, just standard operating procedure

Apparently there is nothing to be alarmed about.  It’s the end of the semester, and I am sleep deprived and stressed. I told Virgin I was worried about myself.

I randomly decided that we didn’t have Intellectual Property class one day. I didn’t do any of the reading. Half an hour before class, I checked the schedule and realized, yes, we do have class. The only class that has been cancelled is the one before Thanksgiving. I also realized that not only is class not cancelled, I am scheduled to be on call. Luckily, the professor is obsessed with this strange case about Barbies in an Enchilada, and I didn’t get called on.

Last night, Jen gets home after work. I am surprised, and ask her what she is doing home “So early.” She usually gets home between 8 and 8:30. She says, “Googie, I’m not home early. It’s late.” I thought it was early evening, but I looked at the clock and its 9:00.

It’s like I have constructed my own reality in my head.

But everyone in my life tells me this is the way I am at finals. Apparently, I am a trainwreck.

I don’t remember the end of last semester very well. But I do remember at my Contracts final, I looked down, and my shoes were on the wrong foot. Top that Britney.



8 thoughts on “Not a brain tumor, just standard operating procedure

  1. Don’t forget to tell everyone that your eyes get this glazed over look for an entire month before exams. I like it because I figure you ward off evil spirits for me, but the law student types probably think you’re batshit.

  2. well at least it makes for interesting blog posts. and maybe fun stories for other stressed exam-takers to tell their friends.
    “and there was this one girl taking the exam who i didn’t really recognize. i think she might’ve actually been a homeless person. she was kind of crazy-eyed and had on two different shoes and all of her clothes were inside out and she was muttering to herself. weird….”

  3. When I was totally stressed about just applying to grad schools, in one week the following happened:

    1. I found a pair of dirty socks in the fridge, the milk in a cabinet. I was looking for the cereal, which turned up in the bathroom, behind the door, unopened. And yes, I did look in the fridge before the cabinet for the cereal.

    2. I answered the phone, “Darkroom, Leslie” even though I hadn’t worked as a photographer nor seen the inside of a darkroom in 5 years. And it was my own home phone I was answering and it wasn’t even dark.

    3. I got in my car and started driving to work in a nice sweater and blazer, but looked down to discover I still had my p.j. bottoms and slippers on.

  4. that’s crazy!! I have randomly forgotten about having certain classes on certain days but I can’t top the shoe thing! hope you get some rest soon!

  5. I cook under stress. Finals is the time when King Arthur and Cabot become my very best friends. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any concepts from Admin, Corporations, or Trusts & Estates that I can turn into cake.

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