For the iron jawed angels

I voted pretty much the way you would expect a godless liberal would vote. In addition to Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry, I voted to keep the state income tax, decriminalize pot, and outlaw dog racing.

Actually, I am having a crazy day. I was up super late studying Evidence. Then when I got up in the morning, I realized we had to put our cat down. She’s had cancer for some time, and she really wasn’t looking so good today. Plus, I had a job interview downtown.

I went to the interview and Jen took the cat to the animal hospital. She was upset. This is the very first pet she ever had because her mom hates animals. I came home to see how everybody was, and then ran off to vote.

All this before 12:00.

They don’t ever give out those “I Voted” stickers at my polling place, so I took a picture to prove it.


Voting the liberal party linel

Voting the liberal party line


6 thoughts on “For the iron jawed angels

  1. Oh, losing a pet is horrible. I’m so sorry.

    We didn’t have a very good election here in California. At first I was thinking about moving, but now I realize I need to enter politics. Would you vote for me?

  2. I approve of your choices and would have made the same ones had I been in MA.

    I voted straight party blue in my way WAY red state where I am currently living. And damn did it ever feel good.

  3. We can have a bonding moment! I voted to decriminalize pot…..and I campaigned for it! LOL

    Love your pic of the ballot. You know there was a movement afoot for people to video themselves voting. I think it started with PBS offering to air the vids. There was a YouTube vid on how to conduct yourself properly. The instructional video was very well done and cautioned people to act lawfully, respect the privacy of others and not impede the process.

    We had one family (or so it appeared to me – two adults and a teen) who taped their vote in my polling place. I had forwarded the YouTube vid to my Town Clerk last week so we were prepared. They conducted themselves well within the rules.

    We have about 2200 registered voters in my precinct (3 precincts vote at one polling place). We had 1732 voters come out. It was hectic! But wow! It was heartening for someone who has only missed one town election and never a state or federal election in all my time.
    Sorry to hear about your cat.

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