American Idol at the Moot Court

I finished my Moot Court oral argument last night. Jen said the panel of three judges were like American Idol.





We had a Nigel. A super bitchy judge who was a prosecutor in real life. She would wiggle her nose and say, “I don’t even know how you got this far in law school.”




We had a Randy, “Dog, you have to work this out. You can’t just say that the majority of the Courts have ruled this way. Tell us why we should listen to them!”



Our Paula, was sadly disappointing. We did have a blonde judge who just smiled at us and didn’t say much. But next time, I want you to slip vodka into that Coke cup. I want to to twirl you hair and say, “Love and puppies, and the due process clause is like so about justice. And you were a little pitchy.”



I definitely recommend Moot Court. You get more practice writing briefs, and speaking in front of people. It did throw my life into some chaos, and now I am behind. I’ll get caught up, right after we go Trick or Treating.


2 thoughts on “American Idol at the Moot Court

  1. That is so hilarious- it’s giving me fond memories of AI season! I love this post!

    “yo, dawg, check it out check it out”- my randy impression

    Glad you had a great moot court experience!

  2. Ah, moot court. While I didn’t do it in law school, we DID have to do oral arguments as part of our Legal Writing class. It sucked. Chiefly because my professor was a big time tool who got us lame-o judges who were really just other law students or first year associates. It sucked.

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