A pick me up, just when I needed one.

Instead of getting caught up on IP, I was reading this exchange at the Volokh Conspiracy. Dale Carpenter bravely and ceaselessly asserts the humanity of gay people in this forum. He does not get a receptive response. 

I was feeling so depressed. I started to wonder if humans evolve at all. Just then a comment came in from my new best friend, Andrea over at Peanut Butter Burrito. She’s liberal and her husband is conservative, but they both agree, No on 8! They gave a hundred dollars to the cause! 

Thanks guys. It means a lot to us.


4 thoughts on “A pick me up, just when I needed one.

  1. It’s so sad how cruel people can be to others. I think a lot of people are afraid of those that are different than themselves. But we’re all human and really our differences are so trivial! Love is love and you’re right, it’s time we evolve

  2. This is something my conservative husband and I agree on as well. It’s a civil rights issue and I hope that one day it seems strange to Landon that two men weren’t allowed to marry each other just like it seems crazy to me that there was a time when a black man and white woman couldn’t marry. I really, really hope.

  3. Um, hello. I no longer sit next to you five days a week. If you do not blog we are completely estranged. I don’t plan on going Single White Female on you, but seriously, an update would be nice.

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