She looked like a rat

As I was going to bed tonight, I had a strange feeling come over me. I feel…happy.

I kept trying to talk myself out of it. 

I don’t have a job. In fact, I am fairly convinced I am going to be the legal housewife after law school. I’ll declutter. I’ll blog. Maybe I will homeschool. My children will down load briefs from Oyez.

I have a Moot Court brief that needs to be written this week, and I haven’t even started. I haven’t read a single case.

And my Evidence professor decided to spring a mid-term on us. It’s a pop mid-term, so I won’t even start my Moot Court brief until after Tuesday.

And yet, I was looking at my dog tonight. I remember when we first met her. We really needed a new couch, but we decided to get her instead, because we are like that. When we went to meet her, she was only two months old. She looked like a rat. The breeder made us put down a big deposit on her. All I could think was, “She better get cute for that kind of money.”

And look, she’s super cute now….


Our little dog

Our little dog



And so is our boy….


Our Little Boy

Our Little Boy

This is Jen and I (Jen is the one in glasses)…


On vacation

On vacation





11 thoughts on “She looked like a rat

  1. You don’t look ANYTHING like I pictured in my head! I don’t know why, but I thought you had dark brown hair and were really tall. I also thought you’d have glasses.

    Anyway – you guys are all so cute. That little boy of yours is gorgeous – though, of course, you didn’t need for me to tell you that. You already knew.

  2. Your son is absolutely adorable. And don’t worry about jobs. I didn’t have a job after law school and I was one of many. I ended up with two offers not too long after the bar exam. Remember that a lot of the smaller and mid-size firms won’t hire until they know you have passed that dreaded exam. It will all fall into place. Enjoy the freedom while you can!

  3. Don’t worry about why you are happy – just BE! Sounds like you have your priorities right – family first, including the adorable dog. I strongly believe in being grateful for everything good in my life. Those of us crazy enough to be in law school while balacing a wife/partner and kids….and furry kids…..we have to trust everything will click into place eventually.

  4. Life is crazy right now so I haven’t had time to comment much. The picture of your son, however, motivated me to write. He’s absolutely beautiful. (The puppy is cute too!) But the boy is wins hands-down in the ‘heartstopping’ category.

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