Maybe its Ruth!

On the stat counter you can see where visitors to your site come from. In the last 24 hours, I saw visitors from both the United States Supreme Court and the Department of Justice.

I was excited, and told Jen, “Look! Visitors from both the Supreme Court and the DOJ.”

Jen, “That’s crazy.”

Me, “I’m going to post on my blog that I am available for a clerkship if they want me.” Ha Ha Ha “Washington loves me!”

Jen, “Either that or they have you on some blacklist. Crazy Law Students to Look Out For.”

Mmmm. Good point. 


8 thoughts on “Maybe its Ruth!

  1. LOL – I have a good friend at the Court who works as one of the Justice’s assistants. Those girls get bored sometimes. 🙂

    I get lots of hits from Harvard and Yale. Ooh, Ivy-worthy. LOL. And many, many, MANY hits from a certain town in Massachusetts… 😉 I tease but it’s from love.

    Even more than stat tracking, I love to track my links. Have a Google alert set up and it’s wild to see the random blog that links to me.

  2. LOL! I get nervous when I rant about my stupid congressman and then I see someone in the blog from I think “Holy mackeral, if Delahunt figures out who I am, I’ll never get on the White house tour.”

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